Christmas and the CEO

I’ve seen a lot of articles, blogs, and books on what a CEO needs to be for—or bring to—the company, such as authenticity and vision, the ability to delegate, lead, and hire well, to articulate, be transparent, show enlightenment, honesty, a positive attitude, and so on. Some descriptions list over 50 attributes. Whoa.

But there is one I have never seen explicitly mentioned. It may be more important is this day and age than ever before. And this is the best time of year to think about it.


It’s more than a strategy, a vision, or a positive attitude. It is more than authenticity. To have it and share it requires many of the attributes talked so much about for a CEO, including transparency, enlightenment, honesty, caring, and courage.

Why is it important?

It brings something to the table that nothing else can. It can provide a deeper motivation to work that perseveres through difficulties. It draws teams closer together. It provides greater job satisfaction. It minimizes the impact of failures, deficiencies, and disappointments. While it might not provide inspiration, it may provide aspiration, which can be more effective motivation for all employees, whatever their role in the company.

Hope doesn’t have to be grand. It’s not a strategy. It’s not a purpose. It’s not about Christmas bonuses. After all, didn’t hope initially come to the world as a baby?

Hope is meaning.

It brings what we do every day down to a more personal level. It connects who we are to what we do and why we do it. To have this meaning shared by everyone in the organization would be a powerful change indeed. Why is it powerful?

Hope brings belief.

Nothing is a more powerful motivator, or provides firmer foundation, than believing in what you’re doing. And, of course, this can’t occur unless the CEO is, himself, believable.

Perhaps the best way for a CEO to end the year is by purposefully thinking about what hope he or she can bring in 2017, both within their organization, and beyond.

Warren Lamb
President & CEO
For over three decades, Warren has partnered with media, healthcare, and finance organizations, finding solutions for communication needs and demands.

Published Dec 18, 2016