Peace of mind at every touchpoint.

Our philosophy is pretty simple: in this industry, everyone should get to play in the sandbox. This is the attitude that prompted us, back in the late ’80s, to establish many of the media advertising standards we all take for granted today. And it’s the reason we continue to innovate services that will make a real difference to our customers.

For us, it’s about finding ways to drastically reduce your costs of doing business. It’s about simplifying workflows through automation. And yes, it’s even about making sure your team members don’t miss their kids’ soccer game this weekend. We’re here to take the pressure off and deliver peace of mind—to you, to your employees, to your clients, and to your clients’ clients. Let us handle the stuff we’re good at, so you’re free to get back to the work you’re good at. (Remember that?)

Thoughtful simplification

From our customers’ perspective, implementing our services is about as challenging as plugging in a toaster. Seriously. Of course it’s more involved than that on our end, behind the scenes—but for you and your team, our services are practically invisible. They just “fit” into your current system capabilities, with minimal impact to your infrastructure and processes. That’s because the whole point of our relationship is to simplify workflow, not place even more demands on your people. And when your workforce doesn’t have to worry about managing multiple systems, rules, or manual processes anymore, you’ll see new efficiencies and greater productivity all around.

Above-and-beyond support

Support is our thing—it’s what we do. Maybe it’s because we’re such a family-oriented company, as opposed to a faceless corporation. When you reach out to us, you’re connecting with a small, dedicated team. You’ll be talking or emailing with Dave. Or Christian. Or Karon. Or Morgan. Or maybe even Warren. And no matter what kind of day we’re having—or you’re having—you can count on us to be courteous, respectful and 100% dedicated to answering your questions, meeting your needs and getting your problem solved. In fact, sometimes your customers will call us before they’ll call you. Don’t take it personally. It’s just that they know we’re incredibly responsive and always ready to help. This is what we mean when we say our passion for support is unparalleled in the industry. Because it is. Ask any of our customers.

Straightforward pricing

We don’t really like surprises unless it’s someone’s birthday. That’s why we avoid complicated pricing structures, and we think everyone else should, too. When hidden fees rear their heads, the best relationships can sour quickly. Who wants that? Besides, figuring out how to make things less complex is what makes us tick—and that goes for our pricing as well as our services. With Warren Lamb, you know what you’re getting: one annual subscription fee for everything. And by everything, we mean SOX-compliant services that do what they’re supposed to do, along with issue resolution for you and your clients—and anyone else who’s impacted by our service. What makes us really different, though? (1) We don’t charge per transaction. That toll-booth model just isn’t our thing. (2) Our fee doesn’t change based on the number of customers or partners you gain. Yes, you read that right.

Commitment that beats SLAs

Frankly, we think Service Level Agreements are nonsense. We know that’s unusual, and it makes some customers uncomfortable at first. But here’s how we look at it: We don’t believe a contract is what establishes a good relationship. Nor do we believe that a contract proves our commitment to you. We believe that trust, integrity and a personal sense of accountability foster good relationships—and that when it comes to commitment, our reputation speaks for itself. We want our customers to like working with us, and we want to like the people we work with also. If you’re not happy with our services, you’re free to walk away—financially unscathed. The thing is, our customers always choose to stick around. We think you will too.