Electronic Transactions

Our electronic transactions / EDI service—the hallmark of our longstanding history in media advertising.

We exchange all transactions electronically—invoices, contracts, traffic, pre-logs and post-logs—in or out of your internal system. Think about what that really means: regardless of whatever format your clients are capable of delivering, transactions automatically come to you in a consistent, conveniently electronic format. It’s like we’re transforming your world for the better—without placing any burden on your community.

Most EDI services limit you to customers who can deliver a certain type of data file. Pure hogwash, we say. With Warren Lamb, everyone’s your customer. Ours is the most open system ever built so you and your community stay happy: your clients keep exchanging with you the way they want, while your system receives everything as beautifully digestible data. No more managing multiple relationships with multiple systems, no more painful paper processing. You’ll save time and resources, eliminate data-entry errors, and reduce discrepancies that lead to disputes. And remember—our service includes dedicated support unlike anything else out there.

Whether you’re a media buyer or a media seller, we’ll connect you with all of your trading partners. Our extensive trading community connects hundreds of networks, agencies and advertisers in the US, Canada and parts of Latin America. As new connections join the community, they are automatically made available to all customers. We manage the connections—you simply enjoy a growing list of trading partners.

  • Ramp up your base effortlessly—we’re connected to more of your customers than anyone
  • Make the most of our relationships with every traffic vendor (both sides)
  • Keep customers in sync with changes to the media buy
  • Automatically identify differences between planned and actual data for faster, easier analysis
  • Resolve make-good discrepancies in flight
  • Speed data receipt while reducing human input and error
  • Make your business cycle—purchase to reconciliation—smooth as butter
  • Rest easy knowing we do whatever it takes to resolve an issue—we stake our reputation on it

EDI Electronic Transactions