Traffic Instructions

Dashense, our automated traffic instruction workflow service.

Dashense manages incoming traffic instructions accurately and efficiently—via one consistent form, automatically validated and ready for review and loading.

Why wrestle with emails and attachments when Dashense can turn all of it into easily maneuverable data for you? With streamlined operations—centralized, distributed or both—you can process more instructions without additional resources. Plus, Dashense makes it possible to access and process individual instructions simultaneously. (Think: faster, and fewer errors.) Revisions are detected automatically, and no instruction changes are required by creator or sender. And don’t forget anywhere, anytime support.

  • Automates standardized tracking
  • Turns email, images, and other attachments into data you can manipulate
  • Handle the complexities of VAST/VPAID/Site-served video as well as Display and Image tags
  • Provides better analytics
  • Eliminates costly make-goods
  • Allows for more instructions for more properties—with fewer resources
  • Includes a central repository for easy access to all instructions and supporting documentation
  • Integrates seamlessly for minimal impact
  • Manage tag sheets, instruction sheets, and pixel sheets

Dashense • Linear • Digital