Invoice Reconciliation

The perfect way to process more media in less time.

Plyacle automatically reconciles invoices—print, out-of-home and digital—against internal media buys.

Processing low-margin, high-volume invoices just didn’t make sense before—but now you can drastically reduce (or completely eliminate) the time it takes to get payment approvals. Across centralized or distributed operations, you’ll see greater efficiencies from streamlined operations and reduced data entry errors. Plus, you can always count on 24-7 mobile access to a central repository and dedicated support.

  • For all media advertising invoices, Plyacle automatically receives, matches, reconciles and marks for payment against orders
  • Helps with agency consolidation efforts by supporting a “shared services” department that communicates with media buy offices worldwide
  • Makes manual reconciliation easier, adding to overall efficiency
  • Rolls out with minimal impact to your current operations

Plyacle Invoice Reconciliation